Harpenden Osteopaths

General Osteopathic Council

All our Osteopaths are registered with the General Osteopathic Council.

What to expect

When consulting an osteopath the patient will be asked questions specific to their presenting condition as well as any history of other problems. Questions will also be asked about general health and well-being, past medical history and the function of the body’s various systems – cardiac, respiratory, digestive.

With information gained from these answers and certain relevant tests (such as neurological and cardiovascular examinations) the osteopath must decide whether it is appropriate to treat the patient or whether he/she needs to be referred on to their GP or another discipline.

If the problem is within the scope of osteopathy, various hypotheses as to the cause of the symptoms should now be developing. These can be tested with a full physical examination of the structure and function of the whole body as well as further, specific examinations. As this will probably require the patient to undress to a certain extent, it is recommended that suitable clothes (e.g. cycling shorts) are worn.

Armed with all relevant information, the osteopath can then proceed with treatment that is appropriate and tailored to the patient and their condition. This can vary from very gentle and subtle techniques to a more rigorous approach. Occasionally, where indicated, manipulations may be performed which can result in a click from the joint. Exercise and advice are also offered to help the patient help themselves through their recovery.